Overview of Cyber Security

Overview of Cyber Security – Talk by Cam Lewis 10/02/20

This week Cam did a talk on what cyber security actually is. He started off with anecdote highlighting the differences between society with a picture of an internet cafe alongside a horse and carriage. This illustrated that in the modern day world cyber and the internet is everywhere.

At 3DSL there are 3 core values when assessing cyber security. This is CIA, which stands for, confidentiality, integrity and availability. Confidentiality is about protecting information assets. Integrity is about protection and so information can’t be altered by outside sources. Availability means that the data isn’t locked down to the point that no one can access it.

Next we looked at traditional security as a castle fort and compared it to the techniques to protect the technology and personnel of today. A few methods of protection were the firewall, SPAM filter and Anti-virus.

A difficult tactic to defend against is internal intrusion. This is when the attack comes from within the “castle walls”. It could be hidden within the software like a Trojan virus.

Bob Thomas made some code which made a printer print out a message. Once it had done that it then sent the message out to other printers. This was the first computer worm. The same person then made the first anti-virus to take it down.

Why is this important?

Everyone always has a mobile on them and is connected to the internet a lot of the time. As a curious species we like to plug stuff in, like USBs. We all receive emails all the time and we all like to share stuff. This makes each of us vulnerable targets to hackers and criminals as they can easily find and access your personal data.