This week, we had a guest come in to talk to us about a couple of different topics mostly focusing around the speed at technology is growing in the China vs the United States. He talked about how that most people have a smartphone in China, the companies are implementing technology faster than the US is, especially when it comes to AI (e.g. with self-driving cars) and virtual reality (which is when you are inside a virtual world and it takes up your whole immersion) and mixed reality (which is when you have an overlay of information on what you can see, for example if you were getting mixed reality directions there might be arrows drawn onto the path that you need to walk).

It was very interesting and showed how quickly new technology is getting built in China.

For the second half of the session, some of us tried out a VR headset with a couple of interesting demonstrations such as a roller coaster and a virtual forest. The rest of us kept working on the board and the sessions that we were planning to teach.