Board and Demos

This week, we switched things up a bit and had a meeting on Friday afternoon, this was just because of people being unavailable on Monday.

As we talked about on the 16th September, we have a board at school which we want to use to advertise CADS and show off some of the cool things that we do to students around school. We had about two thirds of the group helping out with that project by creating some posters and other things.

The other third of us were tasked to create 6 demonstrations which will be shown off to a large company to show them how important cyber security is. We decided on doing:

  • A password brute-forcing demonstration which shows how important it is to use secure passwords and 2 factor authentication.
  • A bad USB example where we would show how a USB device can be very dangerous.
  • A USB killer to show again, how dangerous USB devices can be.
  • And the other ones we are still thinking about…