Malvern Festival of Innovation Cyber Day

This year, a local festival near us called the ‘Malvern Festival of Innovation’ were hosting a Cyber Security Day and this was opportunity was turned into a mini-trip. Only 8 of us attended in the end as it took up the whole school day.

The day kicked off at 9:30am, giving us a little bit of extra sleep in the morning compared to a normal school day and finished just before 4pm. The day contained 11 talks in total. If you’re interested in what the talks were about, feel free to checkout the 2019 Cyber Day schedule.

Although a lot of the talks were aimed at companies (meaning that they weren’t super relevant to us), they were still quite interesting and we learnt a few things. A lot of the attendees were business people from companies ranging from Intel to smaller companies offering pentesting services. We didn’t end up networking very much, but we did have a little chat to all of the stalls and tried to find people that would be willing to speak at one of our CADS meetings.

On an unrelated note, we are conducting the interviews for the new members of CADS next week which means that there is no meeting, so there won’t be a post until next Monday.