New Year Prep – What We Did

After a long summer holiday, we are back at school again and in preparation for the new Year 12s joining, we were talking through some ways to switch up the application process this year.

Last year, we had a quite structured application form with questions like ‘Why would you like to join CADS?’ and this year we wanted to go for more of a CV structure. This would mean that the application form can be used to create a CV later on in the year.

Along with pimping the application form, we also talked about some ways to start the application process earlier in the year so that Year 12s end up starting in late September to early October, rather than late October to early November. We found the best way to do this was to tell people about CADS on a couple of lunchtimes instead of finding a slot for an assembly, preparing a presentation, etc… which would take up a significant amount of time.

After the meeting, a group of us created a flyer and website page to promote CADS around our school.